Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Late to the Game--Single Girl Quilt Along

So, I have been on a quilting hiatus for a while...haven't completed one in about a year.  Most of the reason is due to my etsy shop keeping my free time so busy (which I am very thankful for, btw!)...but I am ready to start putting the things I REALLY love back into my life again.  There has been a revolution sweeping the quilty blogging community lately, namely the Single Girl Quilt Along.  I contemplated buying this pattern last summer, but was a little daunted by just how many pieces there were to cut out (ONE BY ONE, without a rotary cutter no less!!) and the time it would take to put the whole thing together.  I still have a Double Wedding Ring quilt all cut out and ready to piece that I literally cut out 4 years ago!!  However, seeing so many dive in and what great quilts have come about, I am ready to take the plunge myself!  So I ordered my pattern tonight from blueisbleu on etsy and cannot wait to get it started!

I already have fabric laid aside...Denyse Schmidt's Katie Jump Rope line I bought a year or so ago. Although I am still a little nervous about all the pieces and the fact that it just might take me FOREVER to finish, I am very excited about the challenge.  Plus I love the inspiration I have seen of so many other people who have take the challenge as well.  PLUS all the wonderful tips and techniques others have used and shared give me a sense of comfort if I royally screw it up :o) 

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