Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rolled Rosettes

I LOVE making these rosette flowers!!  You can use any fabric and embellish however you like and they are just  too cute! I am personally not real big on the frayed look, so I make them a little different from those made all over the web. I made up a bunch for my niece and listed them in my etsy shop as well.


I used Amy Bulter's Lotus fabric for this rosette. And you can order freshwater pearls in just about any color...these are baby blue.


LOVE purple!!


Because every girl needs PINK!


I thought this one was cute for a birthday..the polka dots remind me of cupcake sprinkes :o)  I can't wait to send these (and a few more, lol!) to my super adorable niece!


  1. Oh I LOVE All of these! I'll have to get you to make me some <3

  2. Can't wait to see them in real life!! Again, you are so talented!

  3. Sure thing, Becca! I'll give you the friend discount :o)


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