Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thoughts on Motherhood

Not a day goes by that I don't absolutely LOVE being a mom!  That being said, being a mom has had its challenges.  I don't really miss the diapers and bottles and baby baths as much as I used to (although I would be more than happy to go that road again!).  I have to say those challenges were a lot less life-altering than those I see now with my girls in elementary school.  Now the struggles I see my girls go thru each day are more life-altering.  I believe each day they are growing and learning, but sometimes it's the hard way.

It's amazing to me that motherhood can leave you feeling 100% rewarded and 100% inadequate and frustrated all at the same time.  My 8 year old is experiencing growing pains right now, wanting to be thought of as much older, but still acting so much younger.  She is super tall for her age and feels very awkward.  Very self-conscious, but not enough to make her not throw a fit in public.  She likes a little boy at school who is about head and shoulders shorter than she is, but she thinks he is so cute because of the way he spikes his hair....oh my, so cute!  She wrote me a note on Mother's Day that said, "Dear Mom, I like ****.  Don't tell Dad. Love, Emma" She eventually told him later that day, which I knew she would.  She is both embarrassed, but also wants to talk about it.  She truly is a walking contradiction.  Every time I think I know how to handle the challenges she throws my way, I get a huge curve ball and realize just how clueless I really am!!

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  1. oh sweet girl! <3 That sounds alot like me.


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