Tuesday, May 31, 2011

New Tool in the Shed--Oh How I LOVE My New Seam Ripper

Why does this blog title sound like a Veggie Tales song title??  Maybe it's just me :o)

I am in LOVE with all things Gingher...yes I am a Gingher girl!  They are just the best cutting tools ever made.  The only drawback is how stinkin' expensive they are....Sheesh!  You would think they were made out of silver or something!  Anyway, a couple years ago, a quilting class I taught gave me the scissors and rotary cutter.  You never saw a happier lady in your whole life!  I still "slum it" with my Fiskars for everyday crafts, but NOTHING beats my Ginghers  :o)

Imagine my absolute DELIGHT when I went to Joann's looking for more of Denyse Schmidt's Picnic and Fairgrounds fabric (I almost have the complete set!!) and came across this beauty on clearance!! Look at the pattern...swoon! It was 55% off and went straight into my cart.  My daughter Emma looked at it and then looked at me like I was on drugs....I tried to explain this was like getting an American Girl doll half off...she understood that one :o)  She just got her very first American Girl doll for her birthday this year...but that's another story...

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